Margaret Jummy Taribo's

Leaving, Living Life in a Foreign Land

A story of liberation from human trafficking and modern-day slavery

leaving, living life in a foreign land
About the book

Leaving, Living ... Life in a foreign land

“The United Kingdom is the most prominent country of origin for trafficked children – a total of 2,874 reported cases… Children from Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria and Iran also made up significant numbers of those identified”.

Home Office, National Referral Mechanism Statistics: UK, End of Year Summary, 2020

A real-life first-hand story of some immigrants from Africa


Leaving, living… life in a foreign land is a story of two teenagers from different parts of Nigeria who were trafficked into the United Kingdom. The stories focus on the journey of expectation, disappointment, struggles and at last, hope. They started out as teenagers who later became parents, having to fight to be allowed to stay and live.

This book is inspired by true events and is meant to relate to everyone who may be in a similar situation. And are still struggling to have a life here in the United Kingdom. I am hoping that practitioners, charities, faith groups and families will pick up this book to read because in doing so, they can appreciate, the culture, emotions and needs of young women and parents and provide the support needed without bias


YomiMilton Keynes
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I found it was so absorbing, interesting and attention grabbing that I couldn’t put it down until I finished it
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“It’s a book that keeps you wanting more”
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The author has made has made a great effort in making the story so real and clear that even a child can read and understand
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About Margaret Jummy Taribo

For over 18 years Margaret has worked in partnership with various organisations (both statutory and voluntary) to support families, parents and children who have no recourse to public funds and who have struggled to live, eat, go to school and make a life for themselves in the United Kingdom. For some, things were sorted smoothly, but
others were not always fortunate. The process of support has been a journey for Margaret as well as the clients she has and is still working with.

She is the CEO of Distinct Family Services LTD which is a community consultancy service providing advocacy
and family support through her writing and social media platforms. She is also the Executive Director of Parentskills2go CIC which provides a range of programmes to support the social, economic and mental wellbeing of families with young children including family learning activities, training and mentoring.

Margaret Jummy Taribo
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leaving, living life in a foreign land
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